The writers for Assignmentors are rigorously filtered and chosen on the consideration of the following benchmarks: -

Qualification of the writers

It is mandatory for all the writers hired at Assignmentors to maintain at least the standard degree of 2:1 undergraduate along with a majority of writers holding the qualification of masters level. It has been always taken care of that the tasks are assigned as per the grade of writers demanded by the client.

Validation of contact details and personal documents: While recruiting the writers their claims are carefully validated. The documents are being checked against their ID proofs such as a photograph of the individual and latest utility bill as a precaution against any divergent. Prior to the allotment of work to the writer, the individual is being contacted personally and is examined on a certain defined basis. Considering our attractive rates, the instances of fraudsters delivering false documents with the purpose to obtain freelance writing work are common (generally in Kenya, China and India). Therefore, in order to safeguard the recruitment standards, our team operates intensely careful.

Antiquity of splendid quality writing: To ensure the quality of academic writings, all the writers are being tested and are being trained on the basis of definite criteria so that attention is paid on every minute detail. A standardised process of quality-check is applied to every academic writing received from the budding writers through the medium of plagiarism- check and proof-reading. Trail work is being provided to the new researchers in order to clarify their concepts and doubts (if any), so that they are able to meet the high standards of our services up-to an adequate level.

Transparent Recruitment Norms: Assignmentors has a purely transparent attitude towards its process of hiring the best writers. Each and every claim by the writers is authenticated by our expert team and exaggerated or fake claims are strictly avoided. Efforts are being made by our team to develop unmatched assignment submissions.

Avoid writers with the inarticulate flow in English: The accuracy of language is the major factor that beautifies the writings of Assignmentors with the trait of uniqueness. So, our recruitment team ensures that the highly skilled academic writers with excellent fluency in English are engaged in our team to deliver quality services. All the writers at Assignmentors inhibit an unmatched proficiency in English and effectively deal with academic writings such as essay, project, dissertation and other academic writings.

Safeguarding against the writers difficult to contact: Producing the best-quality work requires a collective and collaborative procedure and we associate with writers on a global scale. However, sometimes due to differences in time zones, it becomes impossible to contact in the remote areas of the world. So, we avoid working with people in such regions of the world.

Avoiding writers with inappropriate work experiences: there is a huge variation in the grading systems of the UK and US which makes it obligatory to delegate the received work to writers specific to the country from which the client belongs.

The authenticity of our Standards

It was once claimed by Wilson Mizner, “If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many it’s research.” The originality and authenticity of the content produced at Assignmentors are ensured by the team. Reconsidering the fact, the work produced is checked on originality through our owned Plagiarism-checking software; be it an essay, paper, project, dissertation or any of the academic writings.

Dealing with the order and assignments is a matter of great caution as high standards of ethics are to be maintained in the work produced. We aim at null deliberate disservice towards the firm, the author and definitely not to the client.


For more than a decade, our team has been producing high quality academic write-ups that include; essays, reports, law assignments, lab reports, design and simulation reports, media assignments, dissertations, engineering projects and so much more. Feel free to have a look as to how our work looks like.

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