Research Methodology

Research is a method of gaining knowledge through a collection of date and facts. The research methodology therefore can be understood as a logical approach to conducting social research facilitated by collecting data by either providing a comparison of people, documen...

Why Assignmentoring for Research Methodology?

We at Assignmentoring develop a research methodology inline with the aims of the research rationale providing a detailed analysis of the methods used to conduct the research, highlighting the validity and credibility of the data analysis. At Assignmentoring we have expert writers who are willing to provide an extensive support to test a given hypothesis. We understand that research methodologies may differ based on whether they are qualitative, quantitative, or a combination of both, and we aim to offer a personalised support in either and all of the methods.

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Our Writers for Research Methodology:

Our team of expert writers include specialists in all subjects, who are willing to offer their support at all levels of writing the research methodology paper. They have many years of experience and are aware of the theories surrounding the writing of the research methodology, and can justify the purpose of choosing a particular methodology for the collection the data. Our team of writers who are experts in their chosen field are willing to offer a dedicated and in-depth research on the appropriate methodology to be used. They understand the importance of research methods for the progression of your project and are willing to provide an invaluable assistance to you to complete the research method chapeter. Our writers make a contrived effort towards client satisfaction and ensure that each work is of a good quality and worthy of top marks.

Our Approach to Research Methodology:

We at Assignmentors follow a critical approach in research methodology, as required to determine the ultimate outcome of a bigger and detailed thesis statement. We encompass the theoretical concepts that further provides information about the methods selection and application. . Assignmentors have a fleet of expert writers who will suitably undertake the research methodology for you, since, it is very important to connect the theoretical concepts with these methods in a larger knowledge framework.

How can we help you?

With the extensive skill set of our expert writers, we successfully undertake the task of writing research methodologies appropriately. Apart from writing the research methodology, Assignmentoring also guides the clients by encouraging an open communicate with the writers to get informed on writing the following:

  1. Importance of writing the research methodology
  2. Structuring the research methodology
  3. Framework for developing the research methodology.
  4. Understanding how to present thoughts and ideas
  5. Understanding writing tips
  6. Providing writing examples
  7. Guidance on achieving higher grades.
  8. Customised help and guidance from start to finish.

We ensure the following in your Research Methodology:

  1. Research Design and case study design.
  2. Research Philosophy
  3. Research Approach
  4. Research Strategy
  5. Sampling, the basic sampling issues and size determination
  6. Qualitative research
  7. Primary data collection: Observation, survey research, and experimentation.
  8. Measurement of the reliability and validity
  9. Questionnaire design
  10. Academic language
  11. 24/7 support
  12. Reliability of sources
  13. Following Marking Rubrics
  14. Follow the required Referencing style using sources published in last 5 years (exception of referring to theories that are old).

We also include the following services when writing a research methodology:

  1. Personalised Research Methodology Service
  2. Generic Research Methodology Service
  3. Academic Research Methodology Service
  4. Short Research Methodology Service
  5. Masters Research Methodology Service
  6. Finance Research Methodology Service
  7. Engineering Research Methodology Service

List of services other services that we offer:

  1. Choosing Dissertation Topics
  2. Dissertation Proposals
  3. Literature Review
  4. Primary Research Analysis
  5. Law Dissertation
  6. Engineering Projects
  7. Artefact Development
  8. Logbooks
  9. PhD Thesis


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