Product Development

In every business or engineering sector, new product development refers to the whole process of bringing a new product or a service into the target market through a company or a business firm. The concept of launching a new product or a service can either be innovative...

Why Assignmentoring for Product Development?

Assignmentoring aims at not just providing students with engineering assignment help, but also in enhancing their knowledge in other subjects. Our New Product Development assistance is well supported not only by Engineering experts but also by management and business analysts, who are immensely experienced in the field of management. We are highly acknowledged and Qualified by University students across the globe. We are known for our commitment and competent customer service.

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Writers: Product Development

Assignmentoring experts are willing to guide students at every step of their product development, by providing the perfect solutions and one-to-one conversations if need be. With the help of our expert team who have immense subject knowledge and experience in delivering high-quality academic writing jobs, we can ensure you the highest possible quality of work. All possible efforts are made by our expert writers in order to keep the clients satisfied with their orders and also to make sure that each work is highly graded. Our writers are well aware of comparing the features and functionalities of the concepts with the help of methodologies like  Requirement Analysis, Quality Function Deployment, Value analysis, and Product lifecycle.

Approach: Product Development

Our approach at Assignmentoring towards success is client satisfaction. All pieces of new product development assignments are unique and are treated as such by us. Your academic new product development assignments are carefully written by us and we make sure that our expert writers are aware of each detail they need to do an excellent job. For writing the new product development assignments we use well-qualified writers from the same field. We also make sure that your order is as customised according to your needs and wants as possible.

How can we help you?

Apart from writing the New Product Development assignments, Assignmentoring also helps in guiding the clients in their academic career. We assist the students by allowing them to directly communicate with the writers if need be:

  1. Educate on how to write content.
  2. How to create assignments.
  3. Necessary ideas and knowledge.
  4. Framework for developing Academic work.
  5. To make them understand how to present their thoughts and ideas
  6. A deeper understanding of how to structure and complete their New Product Development assignments
  7. Writing tips
  8. Writing examples
  9. To achieve higher grades

We especially ensure the following in new product development assignments:

  1. Title Page
  2. Formatting
  3. Revisions
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Plagiarism scan
  6. Critical Writing
  7. High-quality paperwork
  8. Use of academic language
  9. Following Marking Rubrics
  10. Following Learning Outcomes
  11. Standard assignment format
  12. Proofreading with writing order
  13. References/ Bibliography from reliable sources
  14. Implementation of feedbacks (In case any)
  15. Double quality check for each piece of product development assignment
  16. Tutor's expectation (with the help of lecture notes)
  17. Follow the required Referencing style using sources published in the last 5 years (exception of referring to theories that are old). 

Phases of New Product Development

Our Engineering and marketing experts assemble assignments that are unique and authentic to meet the New Product Development (NPD) paradigms. The product development assignments are thoroughly screened at each stage so as to reflect the practicality of the given assignment. Our experts strive to keep all assignments above reproach and in line with the highest standards. Also, their services can be availed year-round, 24/7. Here are the eight phases of New Product Developments (NPD):

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Idea Screening
  3. Concept and Testing Development
  4. Technical Analysis (FEA, CFD, CES, Material Analysis, QFD, DFMA, etc)
  5. Business Analysis
  6. Beta Testing and Marketability
  7. Product Development and Technicalities
  8. Commercialization
  9. New Product Pricing/costing

We are best for you in following for new product development

  1. Personalised New Product Development
  2. Generic New Product Development
  3. Academic New Product Development
  4. Short New Product Development
  5. Masters New Product Development
  6. Finance New Product Development
  7. Engineering New Product Development

List of engineering assignments other than product development

  1. Lab reports
  2. Technical reports
  3. Mathematical assignments
  4. Engineering calculations
  5. 2D and 3D Modelling
  6. Mechanical analysis
  7. Electrical simulations
  8. Electronic simulations
  9. Matlab
  10. Programming
  11. C Programming
  12. Software Development
  13. Web Development
  14. Civil Drawings
  15. Structural Assignments


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