Model Answers

Model answers and samples are usually provided by the tutor for your understanding as to what is expected as an answer to the set assignment task or the exam questions. Model answers fulfill an important purpose as they bridge the gap between the students initial under...

Why Assignmentoring for Model Answers?

Assignmentoring help you by preparing model answers, whether they are exam notes aimed to getting a desired exam result or model answers on an assignment brief. We provide the best samples along with definitive questions, a result of the thorough research that we have conducted on the subject. We help you prepare well-defined notes that cover your subject of study. Generally, the word count of a generic model answer ranges from 500 to 3000 words, with clear and specific answers and inclusions, as mentioned in the assignment brief. We will provide you with a piece of work that is written in line with your personal and academic preferences. Assignmentoring provides you the best possible model answers. These answers will guide you towards looking for the right books, journal and articles in preparation for your assessment in the subject. This is done keeping in mind that an effective background research and a high quality presentation and structuring of the work is important for students when answer exam questions. If you have a shortage of time and you are stressed about completing your academic tasks, Assignmentoring is here to help you.

Our Writers for Model Answers:

Our experienced team of writers can provide you with professional and presentable work in the form of good quality academic writing. Every effort is made by our writers to keep the model answers in line with your requirements and also to make sure that every model answer is aimed at helping you have a better understanding of how to answer the assessment and exam questions. 

Our Approach for Model Answers:

There are several types of model answers to a question, but we assure you that our approach to the brief you provide would be logical, using the appropriate referencing mentioned by you (if needed). We help you (students) by introducing the Model Answer writing services online in order to relive you from your academic stress and pressure with which you are constantly dealing. There are a myriad of techniques that can be used to analyse the performance of an enterprise, and we at Assignmentoring are experts in providing academic support. We work towards supplying you with the best quality work possible.

How Can We Help You? 

With our specialised subject knowledge, we can be of help whenever you need us with developing your understanding of how an assignment should be undertaken. In a nutshell, the model answers are the answers that can suffice the purpose of a pattern which should be followed in carrying out any assignment of the kind given to you. The approach used for all the answers of the similar field is usually the same. If you think you need help for model answers in any subject, you can contact our expert staff and they can assist you.   

Some of the vital elements of our Model Answers include: 

  1. Title Page
  2. Literature Review
  3. Formatting
  4. References/ Bibliography from reliable sources
  5. Implementation of feedbacks (In case any)
  6. Proofreading with writing order
  7. Revisions
  8. Plagiarism scan
  9. A proper format of an Assignment
  10. Academic language
  11. Relevant information
  12. Detailed and structured Assignment
  13. Double proofreading
  14. Simple formatting styles to make it more organised and presentable
  15. Simple and short sentences
  16. Reliable sources with proper citation (in-text referencing as well as full referencing)

We include the following Services:

  1. Personalised answers
  2. Generic answers
  3. Academic answers
  4. Short answers
  5. Masters level answers

List of the services we provide:

  1. Coursework Writing
  2. Assignment Writing
  3. Essay Writing
  4. Dissertation Writing
  5. Law Assignments
  6. Thesis Writing Service
  7. Research Paper Writing Service
  8. PowerPoint Presentation Writing Service
  9. Portfolio Writing Service
  10. Reflective Writing Service


For more than a decade, our team has been producing high quality academic write-ups that include; essays, reports, law assignments, lab reports, design and simulation reports, media assignments, dissertations, engineering projects and so much more. Feel free to have a look as to how our work looks like.

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