We as a company are proud to coin the term assignmentoring as a function of support for students to be able to understand what they are required to do in their assignment, coursework or assessment to pass a particular academic module in the universities or colleges. We as a company wish to promo...


We as a Company are in a position to connect you with an expert who has previously attended the module you need help with and is able to help you understand the concepts which you might struggle with, also might give you a little bit of inside as to how you can approach your assignment, what reading materials you can use, how to best present your answer so as to gain the highest possible grade. The assignmentor will not be in any circumstances offering to write an assignment for you but is there to mentor you with the challenges of the module and guide you on how best you can do the assignment for yourself. At times at universities for various reasons students are not able to get a comprehensive understanding of what are the requirements of a particular assignment.

It can be due to various reasons but it remains a fact that this happens. So, for those who don't understand how to approach a particular assignment, we as a company are willing to help you understand it better so that you can do your assignment in a much better way. Should you need a session to arrange a one on one session with one of our assignmentors. He will be able to help you to give you a clear piece of advice in regards to doing your assignment, structuring your assignment, using certain concepts in the assignment, using certain resources in the assignment and be available for you to be connected with at the time you need.

The key benefits of our services would be,

  1. Expert who has previously attended the module subject wherein you will be guided to get the highest grade possible.
  2. We will help you to best present your answer so that your work looks on par with the expectations of your tutor.
  3. Tailored structuring, concepts and resources to your needs to extract the best possible outcome.


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