Privacy Policy

  • Our company aims at processing all its transactions with the help of a secure online payment system to ensure the protection of data.
  • Our company encourages its customers not to share their personal information to anyone within the company to keep it safe and confidential.
  • The company never shares its personal information to the third parties.

This information is used in some exceptional cases such as:

  • When any service is to be provided according to the requirements of the customers.
  • To reply to the enquiries or grievances or requests
  • To modify outline and content of the service.
  • To inform the clients about necessary changes and amendments to the service.
  • In case, the order of customers is in progress, then our support team will contact him/her by phone or e-mail to ensure timely delivery of the order. The company will not sell, reveal or allocate the information related to customers without their approval until and unless permitted by law.
  • When the information is directly made available to the freelancers, the company cannot be held accountable for that information. The company cannot give assurance for its future distribution and cannot control it.
  • The information provided by the customers of the company is stored on the protected servers. The customers should not disclose any information to the third parties and must keep their login details confidential. 

Privacy policy

Your privacy and safety is one of our main priority. We want that our clients must fully understand what type of information is collected by us and how we use and store it. The personal information collected by us comprises, but is not restricted to your name, e-mail address, contact details and other electronic data. Choices are also provided by us for retrieving this data to control and update it whenever required.

Personal information that we collect

While placing orders at Assignmentoring you provide us with some specific details such as name of the course you are undertaking, the year of study and the subject you are learning. This information is used by us only to match the requirements of your order. If you are participating in any type of contest or a survey, providing your contact information is necessary.

Other information collected by us

We use cookies and other skills that will track how you are surfing our sites, the pages you are visiting, for how long you are staying on a particular page and the frequency with which you are retrieving our pages or website. We do this to provide you an improved and a more personalised understanding.

How we use the information that we collect?

We only collect minimum amount of data in order to serve you in a better manner. Our use is limited to:

  • The data you permit to use.
  • Communicate the data you have provided to deliver services.
  • To store the data for updating and improving our services towards you.
  • To identify issues including errors, risks related to security, broken links and others.
  • To protect the company against any kind of Fraud.</p>

Why and how we are interacting with you?

We communicate regarding the services acquired by you including services offered by third parties which are of your concern. We communicate with you through phone calls, text messaging and e-mails.

Usage of web analytics tools by us

A wide variety of analytics tools are used by our company for collecting the information regarding how the customers and users are interacting with our website. This information includes the way you access our website, the pages visited by you and the duration of time that you have spent on each page. 

Governance of your private data

Your account page will help you to access your personal data through account settings. You can either update your information or wish to delete any of it. In case you wish to delete your information during the course of  completing your work, the data will remain in power till your order is completed.

Requirement for age

We offer services to the individuals who are 18 years of age. In case we believe that an under-age child has accessed our website, we ask them to report it immediately.

Contacting us

We have a 24*7 customer support department which is available by phone, email or live chat. We respond to your concerns or queries as soon as possible.


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