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Our expert team undergoes a rigorous process of screening and interview which ensures the supreme quality of services available. The professional service provider of academic writing is generally expected to deliver the best quality of documentation which is possible due to the careful and meticulous process of candidate selection. So, in order to achieve higher grades in your exams please approach the out team for all the types of academic writings. You will surely feel blessed.

Pay for your grades

Expert writers at Assignmentors attempts to work for the grades of students to always get better. We assist the students to get good grades and achieve success in their academics. The well competent, proficient and scholarly team of academicians indulge in assisting the students. The writers enable the students to achieve higher grades because assignments are allotted according to the writer’s subject expertise, their span of experience and their particular contribution in respective spheres of study. You must stand assured that your tasks, assignments and projects are being fingered and manged by the best.

Privacy and Confidentiality

As the most significant part of their quality services, Assignmentors indulge in ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Considering the criticality of your studies and work, we step forward an extra mile with the purpose to safeguard you against any violation of conduct and malpractice by the medium of revealing your personal information to anybody out of Assignmentors. You can be completely assured of the fact that your personal information is safe in reliable hands

Plagiarism free academic writings

At Assignmentors, we ensure that all of the academic writings provided is completely free from all types of plagiarism. We guarantee the evitability, authenticity and originality of the content in all the academic writings. Plagiarism detection software is applicated to screen the writingsin order to achieve the same. Highest level of ethics and norms is maintained by making no compromises in our quality analysis and providing the best services.          

Frequently asked questions        

  • Which guarantees do you provide?

Kindly approach to the services page for complete details for the same and come to know about all the guarantees availed by our services.

  • How do the completed within time or your money back’ guarantees come into action?

Completion of work within the time slot provided is essential; however, under certain circumstances, the deadlines are not met then you get a complete refund of the amount paid. Moreover, the work is also delivered to you as an added bonus. In addition to this, the work is being provided to you on your website through the Secure Customer Account. This particular account area escorts you with your personal credentials such as Username and Id Password which is not visible to anybody else from Google or Turnitin.

  • Do I get the money back if the work was completed but I didn’t receive it?

The money-back guarantee is not applicable if our team is able to prove that work was completed within the time slot provided. The circumstances such as work not received or failure in opening the work properly due to technical errors are out of our reach, control and guarantees. Nevertheless; under certain conditions, we fail to prove the work being done in time the whole amount will be refunded back to you.

  • The quality standards of the ordered work are judged by whom?

At Assignmentors there is a highly qualified Quality-Control (QC) in-house team that ensures the required standards of the work. Then the verification and validation of the quality of the work provided to you and if you are not satisfied you must revert back within 15 days for any alterations required. 

  • What are the circumstances if the work does not meet the desired standards I ordered?

Through your Secure Customer Account area, you can contact our team if you feel that the work provided does not match the desired standards within 7 working days (Except Sundays). You may also let our writers know the reason behind your dissatisfaction and disapproval. If our expert team recognise the situation to be agreeable (which is being the case most often), then the essential corrections are made with no extra charges. The information about how to contact our team is provided in the messages delivered to you.

  • How does your work guarantee full satisfaction?

Conspiring whatever reasons, if the work provided do not accomplishes the promised quality of content, you can revert back your work to our team within the time span of 7 working days which is the defined amendment period and get your work corrected as per your requirements. We would always love to help you if you are not satisfied with the work and realise it even after the amendment request has passed away. 


For more than a decade, our team has been producing high quality academic write-ups that include; essays, reports, law assignments, lab reports, design and simulation reports, media assignments, dissertations, engineering projects and so much more. Feel free to have a look as to how our work looks like.

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