We will be obliged if you to choose to work with us and will believe that you agree to put up with all of our policies. The agreement between you and the company will come to life the moment you will place the order with us and you will be responsible to abide by our policies. In case you miss to read the policies before getting into agreement, you will still be apprehended by the terms and will be updated through the e-mail in case of any changes in the policies. Also, you will be responsible for knowing and abiding by our policies, regardless of the fact whether you opt to receive the emails or not.

Placing an order

The most approachable way to place you order will be through our website https://www.assignmentors.co.uk/ or you can call us on ---------- and our executives will be available 24*7 to help you with anything you need. We will only ask for the accurate information and detailed view of the work that you are expecting so that we can come up to your expectations. If in case you want to get in direct touch with our writing team, you can directly call our executives so that they can connect you to the concerned person. Lastly, we will need your cooperation and we want you to be available when your reply will be needed to complete the assignment. If we fail to get in touch with you, the deadline might be missed for which our team will not be held responsible.

Your contact details

We demand for your accurate contact information so that we can get in touch with you whenever required. There is diversity of reasons which might drive us to call you such as issues regarding payment, queries about current orders. Remember, in case there is any delay due to the problems related to your contact information, we will not be responsible.

Material for resources

We aim at utilising the resources provided by you while working on your paper. Just remember that you have to pay for the material that is not available free. You must provide the material for the resources while placing your order. In case you fail to provide the material on time, it will result in delays for completing your document.

Technical problems

In case technical problems such as loss of information and missing the deadlines arise, we will act to fix them as soon as possible. However, for such kind of negative impacts we are not responsible.


We value the importance of your time. In a situation if we fail to reach a deadline, we will compensate for the inconvenience caused by refund or credit. However, refund will only be provided if the reason for delay is due to our errors.

Guarantee for originality

We will provide you with a completely original paper. If it is determined that you received duplicate material, we will provide you full compensation along with our heartfelt regrets. However, we have not received an allegation of plagiarism from thousands of our customers.

Information related to payment

Full payment for your work will received before making the document available to you. However, outstanding balances (if any) will negatively affect your deadlines and result in stoppage of the work.

Legal concerns

In case you come across with doubts for any kind of legal issues regarding the use of our services, we recommend you to seek a competent advice.


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