How to write an Effective and Academic Essay

  • 06Oct,2020

    How to write an Effective and Academic Essay

    Basically, effective and academic essay writing is concerned with transforming a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Writing an essay seems to be a task of fear among the student of schools and colleges. An effective and academic essay can be even written by availing essay writing services from various companies. These companies also provide essay writing services even for business purposes.

    Though writing an essay is considered as a large task for the students, however, there are many steps that can help them to write a more clear, successful and cohesive (consistent or unified) essay by breaking down the task into manageable parts.

    Guidelines for an Effective Essay writing

    • Choose a topic:

    The first and most important step is the selection of the topic. However, if the topic is given, then one should think about the content to be written. When the topic is not given, then an interesting and relevant topic has to be selected.

    The purpose of essay writing should be clearly defined i.e. whether the essay to be written is informative or persuasive.

    • Research and take notes:

    Once the thesis statement has been determined, the time to begin with research starts. When essay writing is to be done for personal experiences or feelings, there is no need of conducting research. However, for other types of writing an essay, it is important to find information from the reputed sources in order to present accurate information.

    • Find the Right Sources:

    When research is to be done for reputed sources for writing an essay, look for newspapers, government or organisational websites, academic journals or websites written by the experts. Avoid collecting information from Wikipedia. In general, the information available on Wikipedia or wiki sites is not trustworthy. However, reliable information can be obtained by visiting the sources linked at the end of these pages.         

    • Prepare an Outline or Diagram of your ideas:

    For writing a successful essay, one must organise his/her thoughts effectively. Proper outlines and diagrammatic representation should be done to ensure that the paper is well organised and consistent. It is to be noted that:

    • To create diagrams, the topic for an essay should be written in the middle of the page.
    • To create an outline, the topic for an essay should be written on the top of the page.
    • After this, the main ideas should be listed by leaving proper spaces. By doing so, essay writing can be done in an organised manner.
    • Write your Thesis Statement: Now, when the topic for writing an essay has been selected and the ideas have been   organised into the relevant categories, the next step is to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement will highlight the main points of essay writing and describe the whole essay in one single sentence. The thesis statement for essay writing is generally used in the introductory paragraph.
    • Begin with essay writing:

    Essay writing begins once the outline is being done and the thesis statement is written. Appropriate structure of essay writing suggests that

    • The essay writing should start with the introduction to attract the reader’s attention. Introductory sentences should be linked with the thesis statement.
    • After writing the introduction, the next step is to define the body. The body of essay writing is the main crux that will describe and explain the topic. Each paragraph of the body should start with the introductory sentence and then describe the supporting concepts in the format of sentences. The information presented in the body of essay writing should be extracted from reliable sources. It is necessary to mention citations to assure that the information is collected from accurate and trustworthy sources. The citation style will be followed according to the style guide mentioned by the instructor.
    • After describing the body of the essay, the next step is to mention the conclusion to sum up the overall ideas. The conclusion should consist of strong sentences that will describe the final outlook of the topic.


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